I, II General Chapter

 1957 – 1st General Chapter

  •    Celebrated in Via Antonino Pio, Rome, Italy, from 27 april-8 May.
  •    Participants: 34 perpetual professed sisters.
  •    An elective Chapter in which Maestra Thecla was confirmed as Superior General.


  • To be faithful to the spirit of the Congregation.
  • To increase members and provide them with formation.
  • To develop apostolic initiatives.

1964 – 2nd General Chapter

  • An extraordinary Chapter, convoked after the death of Maestra Thecla.
  • Celebrated at Ariccia, Italy, from 29 March to 8 April.
  • Participants: 38 perpetual professed sisters.
  • Sr. Ignazia Balla elected Superior General for 6 years.
  • To continue Maestra Thecla’s spirit of governing, characterized by wisdom, charity, strength and prudence.
  • To restructure the Congregation juridically by setting up and modifying provinces and delegations according to the norms of the Constitutions.
  • To increase personnel abroad.
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