We believe and so we speak!

     On this fourth day of our spiritual exercise, we finally found ourselves in the company of our Father, St. Paul. In the text we reflected on today (2 Tm. 4:1-13), his personality emerges as unusually docile and amiable! Chained for the sake of the Gospel, the Apostle urges his beloved son Timothy–whom he fired with passion for Christ and to whom he consistently offered a strong and stable model of life-to proclaim the Word of God ceaselessly.
     Today, we felt these words addressed directly to us, who have gathered here to discover the new paths the Spirit is opening for the Word and the future he is disclosing for our mission with and in communications.
We live and work in numerous contexts-all of which are difficult. As in the time of Paul, Christians today are marginalized and false prophets are saying things that people want to hear, encouraging dreams that tranquilize hearts… But we should not get discouraged because, like Paul, we know the One in whom we have put our faith and so, with renewed vigor, we continue to proclaim Jesus Christ, whom we love and for whom we live: “We believe and so we speak.”
     Over the past days, Fr. Edoardo Scognamiglio guided us with great wisdom and competence to an encounter with a number of “witnesses” who helped us probe more deeply into different aspects of what it means to believe.
     Tomorrow, 20 August, the day on which we begin our final year of preparation for the Centenary of the Pauline Family, Fr. Emilio Cicconi, ssp, will take over as our spiritual guide. In this way, we will feel closer to all the sisters and brothers of our “admirable Family,” blending our voices in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for the abundant riches he continues to pour out on us all.
     Until next time!
Ariccia, 19 August 2013

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