The Internet, Peoples and Mission

        The Internet, today’s new technologies, evangelization, narrating the Gospel…the Pauline mission encompasses all these realities because we are apostles of Jesus Christ in the world of communications. It is a world without borders and often without rules–a world in which each of us has her own place and through which we build relationships.          “In the horizontal environment of the Internet,” said our guest speaker today, Fr. Domenico Pompili, director of the National Communications Office for the Italian Bishops’ Conference, “we are called to not only collaborate with one another but also with God in a spirit of freedom–the freedom of the children of God, who makes us all equally worthy. Consequently, we should not be paralyzed by the fear of not understanding new things.”

We are aware that many huge challenges lie before us but they must be faced boldly and realistically because we are firmly convinced that the light of the Gospel needs to be diffused more than ever so as to dispel the many shadows in today’s world.

A small peek behind the scenes: beginning yesterday, the Chapter delegates activated a new “network,” although not a virtual one! During evening prayer, each of us was given a slip of paper bearing the name of one of the members of our group. We will now “adopt” the sister whose name we received, offering her the support of our prayers. As everyone knows, a Chapter is a time for reinforcing our sisterly bonds on a worldwide basis, and this is precisely one of the gifts we are experiencing in a special way in these days.

Today, carrying in our hearts all the people who spend a significant amount of their time in the densely crowded world of cyberspace, we want to thank all of you who, from every corner of the earth, are making the effort to remain close to us through the click of your mouse!

Ariccia, 31 August 2013


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