Group Work: A Resurrection Experience

     Today was an intensive day, rich in sharing sessions marked by the comparison of ideas, searching together and discernment.
     The work of our Chapter assembly, made up of representatives of 52 countries throughout the world, has now descended to the nitty-gritty, allowing us to touch the crucial points of our life and mission. We are working hard in our small groups and the results will then be pooled in general assembly sessions so that, all together, we can move on to the next level.
     It might seem to be a cold and sterile stage of the Chapter, not very well suited to the atmosphere typical of a Sunday. But in reality it is just the opposite. Each of our small groups is truly a place that gives birth to new life; each is a “sliver of the resurrection,” leading us to a new day that discloses fresh paths and broad horizons. This is a powerful experience because we know that we are called, each in our own way, to welcome the “spark of God” harbored in our sisters and revealed by their experiences.
     Today we carry in our hearts and prayers the tense and difficult moment that the whole world is currently living. We are united in spirit with our Syrian brothers and sisters, for whom we are very worried, but our trust in the Lord is greater than our anxiety.
     We are praying in a special way for all the peoples at war with one another throughout the world, asking the Lord that the international community will maintain its equilibrium in spite of this latest threat of war.

Ariccia, 1 September 2013


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