The Voice of the Spirit

     How does the Spirit speak? How can we recognize his voice?
     We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the work we are doing today is a true exercise in listening to the Spirit.
    Yesterday we spent the afternoon in personal reflection and today we met in small groups to share what each of us felt resonating in the depths of her heart: our expectations; labors; the appeals we have received and that make us question ourselves; life itself and the problems of our sisters and brothers in every part of the world; their yearning for God… We feel that we are a Congregation thirsty for life-a new, beautiful and good life; a life to be shared with all generations and that we are convinced is called to generate new life.
     But where and how? What trail is the Lord blazing for us? What innovations are emerging and what kind of conversion is necessary to build the future with God? The Spirit is speaking to us through the gift of our attentive listening to one another. We are sure that through our work on the group and assembly levels (which will take place this afternoon) he will illuminate the path he wants us to follow so that the Pauline charism will continue to serve the Word of God by incarnating it in human history.
     Today we want to say a special thanks to our friends from Telepace (a Catholic TV station), who came to Ariccia this morning to film some of our Chapter experiences and record some of the beautiful and enthusiastic testimonies of our sisters from different parts of the world.

Ariccia, 28 August 2013


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