Final Salute of the Superior General

     Thirty days of expectation, hope, projects, dreams and sharing. Thirty days that brought us to the heart of our Congregation and each of its communities. Thirty days of listening to God so as to identify his paths and commit ourselves to boldly following them.

     This is what we lived during the days of the General Chapter.

     Today, we want to dedicate our last news flash to the final salute of our new Superior General, followed by our thanks to everyone.

In her concluding message, Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan said: “The Chapter that we are concluding was a beautiful experience, lived in a climate of communion and hope. Having ended here at Ariccia, it will now begin in each of our communities. Together, we want to become women of faith so as to proclaim to everyone the joy of an encounter that has transformed our lives and will continue to transform them.”

     To be women and men of faith, aware of our meeting with Jesus Christ and prompt to respond to him through courageous self-offering-this is what we hope for ourselves and each one of you.

     Our thanks to all our sisters and brothers, friends and collaborators, and all of you who, with a simple click of the mouse, kept track of our activities and accompanied us with your prayers.
Our thanks to our translators, the sisters in charge of our web site and those in the secretary’s office for all their work behind the scenes. Our thanks to everyone who, inspired by creative love, made their support perceptible in many different ways. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you, along with the promise of our prayers!

Ariccia, 14 September 2013


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