Passing on the gift we received

     When one’s destination is in sight, it is hard to slow down. Usually, a person grits her teeth and springs ahead to cover the last stretch in record time. At least that has been our experience over the past few days. This coming Sunday will be filled with goodbyes and departures but today we are still finalizing a number of things, approving the last corrections to the Chapter Document, and looking ahead to the “post-Chapter period.” Basically, our goal is to ensure that all our communities and sisters will benefit in their turn from the wealth we shared among ourselves during these days of our work.

     We want to pass on what we received, not keep it for ourselves. And this means transforming it into a gift. That is the secret for multiplying the good; it involves becoming channels of a gift that does not belong to us but that has been entrusted to our care in order that we might pass it on to others.

     We feel the joy and responsibility of this important obligation because we believe that the experience of grace that we lived together in this time is meant to be transformed into a life-enhancing experience for all of us.

     Through the Internet, we were able to share with all of you part of our life and experiences. Now we want to allow the abundance of grace we received to permeate us even more so as to reach the depths of our being and transform us into joyous witnesses of this wealth to all our sisters.

Ariccia, 12 September 2013


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