In the Footsteps of the Apostles

     This is an especially significant day for the Chapter.
     As an assembly, we approved the guidelines that will give direction to our Congregation’s journey over the next six years.
Still ahead of us is the election of our new Superior General and her council. Responsibility and discernment meet and fuse together; we look to the future with hope, asking God for light.
But first, with a profound feeling of gratitude, we welcome from his hands the gift of a pilgrimage to Rome in the footsteps of Peter and Paul. Guided by Fr. Carlo Cibien, ssp, we are setting out on a journey that will help us reconfirm our faith in Jesus Christ, the yes that impels us to proclaim his Kingdom day after day, and our firm conviction that we are living and active members of a Church on the move.
     Monuments, significant streets and symbolic sites all serve to remind us of our Faith, which must be communicated in time, transformed into concrete experience and offered to others as a fecund and transforming gift that overcomes every historical limitation.
     As you read these words, you can think of us as immersed in a pilgrimage that is both exterior and interior. There is no future without memory of the past. There is no faith if not through the testimony of the continuous chain of people who have met the risen Lord and who continue to meet and listen to him through his Word.
This is what it means for us to walk in the footsteps of our beloved fathers in the Faith.
Ariccia, 6 September 2013

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