III, IV General Chapter

1969 – 3rd General Chapter

  • A special Chapter, requested by the Church by means of a Motu proprio. Purpose: to re-examine and update the norms of the Congregation.
  • Participants: 72 perpetual professed sisters
  • Held in two sessions :
    1) At Frascati and then at Grottaferrata, Italy, from 22 September 1969 to 6 January 1970. This session drew up a draft of the Chapter Documents and of the renewed Constitutions.
    2) At Rome and then at Ariccia, Italy, from 11 September to 20 December 1971.


  • the Chapter Documents
  • the renewed text of the Constitutions, drawn from the Chapter Documents and proposed for observance on an experimental basis up to the next Chapter.

1977 – 4th General Chapter

  • An ordinary Chapter, celebrated at Alba, Italy, from 1 November 1977 to 13 January 1978.
  • Participants: 72 perpetual professed sisters. Held according to the norms of the ad experimentum Constitutions, which, appropriately revised, were reproposed for another 6-year period.
  • Sr. Maria Cevolani elected Superior General for 6 years.


  • A Community that Witnesses and Evangelizes.
  • Key problem of the Congregation: a lack of clarity concerning our identity and a failure to interiorize it.


  • To promote a deeper study of the charism.
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