Central Commission of the Chapter Set Up

     On the day on which the Chapter delegates were called to vote for the Chapter’s officials, that is, the sisters who will make up the Central Commission, plus the two tellers, the Gospel reminded us of the condition, climate and horizon within which that act should take place: the twofold flame of love (for God and for one’s neighbor), inseparable from faith and hope, and nourished by prayer.

     Our discernment was indeed accompanied by intense prayer and this afternoon we cast our votes. These were the results: 

  President:   Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General
  Secretary:   Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan
  Undersecretary:   Sr. Gabriella Collesei
  Moderators:   Sr. Anna Caiazza and Sr. Letizia Panzetti
  Representatives of the Assembly:   Sr. Ausilia Chung and Sr. Leonora Wilson

After this, Sr. Fany Cruz Tlatelpa and Sr. Mariangela Tassielli were elected as tellers.

The newly-elected Central Commission immediately met to program the coming days and appoint the Chapter’s various teams. Starting tomorrow, the Chapter will enter its central stage, which Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato will open with her report: The Congregation’s Journey from 2007-2013.
     We want to thank you all for your remembrance of us, which we felt in a special way today. We know that all our communities as well as many collaborators, friends and brothers and sisters of the Pauline Family are following our activities and praying for us. And we believe that the most powerful intercessors for our work are the members of the Pauline community in heaven, which today was enriched with the arrival of a new apostle, Sr. M. Ancilla Campara.
Ariccia, 23 August 2013

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