Gratitude-A Bridge Between the Past and Future

    Today, the Feast of St. Bartholomew, we began the central stage of the Chapter–a time of listening, evaluating, comparing ideas, discernment and project-planning. As Fr. Tarcisio Cesarato, ssp, said in his homily this morning, “We must imitate Nathaniel and liberate our hearts so as to discover what is truly beautiful and good. We must come out of the ‘cage of impossibility’ that makes us short-winded. We must turn our gaze to heaven but at the same time look to earth so as to communicate Jesus Christ.”

     This special time for us opened under the banner of thanksgiving–a heartfelt gratitude for every sister, for the many people who collaborate with our mission, and above all for God, the Faithful One. This sentiment was voiced by Sr. Maria Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General, in her report on the Congregation’s journey over the past six years. In fact, a spirit of thanksgiving is crucial because it is like a bridge uniting the past we built together in these years with the future, overflowing with challenges and yearnings, with people to be met and the Gospel to be proclaimed.
     Please continue to accompany us with your prayers in these days, during which we will be striving to come to a better understanding of the situation of our Congregation throughout the world. Your affection is being manifested in a variety of ways through our Pauline communities and also through the messages we have been receiving from our families and friends. Sincere thank to all of you for your constant presence.
Ariccia, 24 August 2013

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