A Bold and Prophetic Faith

     Today was characterized by descent: we plunged deep down so as to reach the heart of our faith, our vocation and the challenges the world is offering the religious life.
Under the guidance of Fr. José Maria Arnaiz, we reflected on the major challenges to the consecrated life today and on what is concretely involved in living a bold and prophetic faith that asks us to start afresh from Baptism so as to bring about new things in society and “offer everyone the charity of the truth.” This journey, which prompted us to examine ourselves profoundly so as to renew our lives as religious and believers, was facilitated by the talks of today’s guest speakers-theologian Michelina Tenace and Fr. Giuseppe Forlai, also a theologian and a member of the Jesus the Priest Institute.
     We encourage all of you to experience for yourselves the beauty and spiritual power of their input by reflecting on their talks personally. (The conferences of Fr. Arnaiz and Professor Tenace are posted in the Documents area of our website.)
     It would be a pleasure to receive feedback from you, sisters, as well as from other members of the Pauline Family, other religious Institutes and the laity, in the form of your thoughts on the themes treated because we are convinced that the Spirit “blows where he wills.”
     We also want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the many messages we continue to receive daily from all over the world. Your prayers and sacrifices are valuable “fertilizer” for our work and help to enrich these days of grace.
     We know that many cloistered nuns are also praying for us. We count on this spiritual aid because it is prayer that gives us strength. Sincere thanks to all of you!

Ariccia, 30 August 2013


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