VII, VIII General Chapter

1995 – 7th General chapter

  • An ordinary Chapter, celebrated at Ariccia, Italy, from 20 August to 30 September.
  • Participants: 73 perpetual professed sisters.
  • Sr. Giovannamaria Carrara reconfirmed as Superior General for another 6 years.
Theme: Apostles of Jesus Christ in the World of Communication.
Objective: On the move toward the Third Millennium and taking to heart the appeals of humanity, the Daughter of St. Paul lives and communicates Christ the Master, Way, Truth and Life, the center of our life and mission, with the ardor of Paul and the prophetic vision of Fr. Alberione; she assumes the process of communication in its globality, open to universality and committed to inculturation, using the most rapid and effective means so that the Gospel may reach all peoples.

2001 – 8th General chapter

  • An ordinary Chapter, celebrated at Ariccia, Italy, from 20 August to 24 September.
  • This first Chapter of the new millennium was held during the year in which the Institute was celebrating the centenary of James Alberione’s intuition concerning the Pauline Family (the “night between the centuries”).
  • Participants: 72 perpetual professed sisters.
  • The Chapter Assembly worked according to an Instrumentum Laboris, which was drafted with the input of all the FSPs throughout the world. A detailed Chapter Document was produced.
  • Sr. M. Antonieta Bruscato elected Superior General for six years.
Theme: From Eucharist to Mission: Together We Communicate the Gospel Today.
Proposals for attaining the objective:
  • A Eucharistic and Missionary Spirituality:
    – to allow ourselves to be conformed to Christ the Master, Communicator of the Father.
  • A Daring Mission in the Age of Global Communication:
    – to revive our apostolic passion
    – to assume more decisively inculturation and dialogue
    – to improve the quality of our collaboration.
Instruments for attaining the objective:
  • A government that gives priority to spiritual and apostolic animation on every level so as to foster greater unity of life and a deeper feeling of belonging to the Institute.
  • An integral formation aimed at the growth of the Pauline apostle.
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