Awaiting God’s “New Day” with Vigilance and Commitment

     We spent the second day of our spiritual exercises in the company of Joel, the prophet who proclaimed the “day of the Lord.” Although at first glance he might seem to be an odd choice to accompany our reflections, in reality Joel is a messenger of good news, declaring that God, who is always faithful to his covenant, is close to his people; indeed, his presence in human history is like the dawn heralding the arrival of a new day.
     But in order welcome this new day, conversion is essential: a return to God with our whole heart-the core of our thoughts and feelings; the root of our decisions, choices and actions-through a sincere and radically free decision to follow the path the Lord has traced out for us, without seeking other routes or taking refuge in false securities or idols. Only in this way will the creative and vivifying Spirit kindle a “new day” in us-one in which God’s “innovations” can take on shape and consistency.
     Joel’s message is a powerful appeal to us to not neglect the eschatological dimension of faith. We must believe wholeheartedly that this new day can already be glimpsed on the horizon, that once again the Lord is making all things new and “showing us a future filled with hope,” as our Working Document says.
     And thus another “road sign2 to illuminate our Chapter has been unveiled.
Ariccia, 17 August 2013

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