“The 10th° General Chapter of the FSPs is regularly and juridically opened”

     This morning, our chapel was permeated with the solemn yet joyous atmosphere of the “banquet hall” described in the Gospel. The Word of God, borne aloft by one of our Brazilian sisters, was carried in solemn procession to the sanctuary, where it was ceremoniously placed on the lectern, inviting us to share the dream of God, namely: to give the charity of the truth to everyone so that the divine banquet hall will be filled to bursting with all God’s children. The solemn act of enthronement also invited us to adopt the attitude of Christ the King, who never grows discouraged if his dream is blocked-who indeed adjusts and expands his plan so as to overcome every obstacle to it. In his homily, Fr. Vincenzo Marras, ssp provincial superior of Italy, who celebrated our Eucharistic Liturgy today, reminded us that in order to respond to this invitation, we must continually “put on Christ,” adopting his way of thinking and of seeing things.
     This was an optimum introduction to today’s work, which began with the official opening of the Chapter (the text is posted on our Chapter web site). Sr. Antonieta Bruscato, Superior General, then presented the Chapter’s Iter, which we proceeded to study, adjust and ratify. This text will now regulate the Chapter work from beginning to end.
Tomorrow we will elect the sisters who will form the Central Commission, which will direct the Chapter.
     Sisters, we are counting on the strength we receive from your prayers!

Ariccia, 22 August 2013


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