Hidden Work by Hardworking Hands

     A Chapter is a precious time for every Congregation. Its heart is the general assembly which, in the light of Spirit, prays, seeks together, studies, listens, compares ideas and makes choices. But if all is to function well, numerous “satellites” must move around the Chapter environs, carrying out supplementary services that make it possible for the delegates to concretely carry out their work.
Today we want to call attention to these silent and tireless sisters who are working behind the scenes to facilitate numerous aspects of the Chapter’s work.
     One of these services is communication. We, the Chapter delegates, come from many different countries and speak many different languages, so we count on the valuable contribution of our translators. These sisters play a crucial communications role with regard to the talks delivered, the comparison of ideas among ourselves, and also the sharing of information with our communities and with the world via our website. The dissemination of information is also accomplished through the pictures posted on our website, making it possible for everyone to see aspects of our life that would otherwise remain closed within the walls of this big retreat house.
     Then there is the secretary’s office, whose staff does a mountain of technical work: photocopying, printing and putting together all the material the Chapter assembly needs to do its job. And we can’t forget the sisters who run all the errands and provide driving services for the Chapter and its individual members, as well as the sisters involved in the hospitality apostolate and those who see to the daily needs of the community.
     In short, we want to thank all the sisters who are carrying out numerous practical and important Chapter services with great zeal and generosity. We are very grateful to them and we ask you to join us in praying that their silent, hidden and often difficult work will help to fecundate the Chapter.
Before closing… just a short line to say that our trip around the “Pauline world” ended today. We will now dedicate some time to personal study and prayer on all the input we received in these days. It is important that we listen attentively to the voice of God and of the people so as to understand, discern and-at the right moment-make choices.

Ariccia, 27 August 2013


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