God: A Light Spring Breeze

     The winds of war are once more sweeping across the globe and we can’t ignore them… Power struggles, religious and cultural intolerance and the clash of differences are once again causing tears and death…
Here instead, thanks to the Spirit’s accompaniment, our different ways of seeing things are transformed through dialogue into wealth, and the cultures, languages and worlds that we bear within us color our communal life and prayer with a thousand different hues and will certainly make an impact on our future.
We ended yesterday with a fervent prayer for peace for all the world’s peoples, enhanced by the delicate origami art crafted by our sisters from Japan.
     Today opened with a lovely musical version of Psalm 8 by our Korean sisters, through which we placed all of God’s creatures in his loving hands.
Our Eucharistic Celebration, guided with love and passion by our sisters from Colombia, echoed with the names of many martyrs throughout the world who believed in God and proclaimed him through the sacrifice of their lives.
     We want to share these small scenes with you because they illustrate how the turbulent winds buffeting our world cannot overpower the “light spring breeze” generated by God.
     Today our Chapter entered a new and important stage: Fr. José Maria Arnaiz, cm, has joined our group and with him we have begun to study the Chapter’s Working Document. This morning, the assembly voted to approve the document as the fundamental text on which the Chapter will base its work. We will now proceed to compare ideas so as to transform the spirit and lines of action proposed by this document into concrete choices of life that the Congregation will implement over the next six years.

Ariccia, 29 August 2013


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