Celebrating Our New Superior General

     Today, dear friends, our Congregation is celebrating!
     Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan has been elected our new Superior General.
     This is a deeply emotional and joyful moment for us. In the coming six years, the hand of the Lord will guide us toward times of special grace, namely: the Centenary of the foundation of the Pauline Family (2014), the 50th anniversary of the death of our Mother and first Superior General, Maestra Thecla (2014), and the Centenary of our Congregation (1915).
     Sr. Anna Maria was offered three gifts symbolizing the service she will be carrying out in the Congregation:
  • the Word: that it might guide and illuminate her steps as she carries out her ministry among the Daughters of St. Paul;
  • a key: that she might maternally welcome and safeguard the precious treasure that each sister has received from God;
  • flowers: that her service might preserve the fragile and fragrant beauty of the Congregation and continue to generate a profound communion in diversity.
     We offer Sr. Anna Maria our best wishes and prayers, in the certitude that the Lord will be her strength whenever she feels inadequate, that he will cast light on every choice that needs to be made and that he will support her on her journey.
     We invite you, dear friends, to share this moment of joy with us by sending us your feedback via email.

Ariccia, 8 September 2013


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